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November 2021 Monthly Report

Posted on Sun Nov 28th, 2021 @ 12:23pm by Captain Tan'ato Tejera

Sim Name + Date: USS Nightingale – November 2021
Sim Link:
Sim Name: USS Nightingale
Task Force: 72

Sim Updates

No updates at this time.

Crew Updates

Positions needed:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Science Officer
Head Nurse
Chief Counselor
Marine Search and Rescue Commanding Officer
Chief Diplomat
Heads of medical departments
Assistant chiefs
Junior officers and crew

Story Elements:

The struggling colony of Renewed Providence on Jouret IV has been hit with a hard case of Rigelian Fever, and the only known cure is a rare mineral ryetalyn, which cannot be replicated. A supply of the refined mineral has been shipped to Risa and loaded aboard the Nightingale so they can respond to the outbreak.

But a complication has developed. Something happened along the way, and the crew is just returning to consciousness with few memories of the last several days, or sometimes even who they are!

The crew have started to regain their memories and investigate what happened. Exotic energy from some alien devices. And the missing Captain Tejera may be implicated in the deaths of Starfleet crewmen!

Meanwhile, Captain Tejera appears to be willingly in the custody of an Orion pirate.

Other Information:
Active Crew: 9
Word Count: 0
Number of Posts: 0 posts


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