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Captain Tan'ato Tejera

Name Tan'ato Tejera

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 43
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 7'0"
Weight 300 lb
Hair Color Black/Shaved bald
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tan is huge and hulking, his entire body tightly compacted muscle. He has black Orion tribal tattoos and scars, both ritual and inflicted, that he usually keeps covered with clothes.


Spouse Deneia Tejera (Mistress)
Children None he knows
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tan is a gentle giant, but it covers a tightly controlled, deep-seated violence he struggles to keep in check.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal, watches out for the underdog, compassionate

Violent when provoked, a bit more passive toward females
Ambitions Flee his past life as a slave and Syndicate enforcer; prove himself a good and loyal Starfleet officer.
Hobbies & Interests Music, painting

Personal History Tan doesn't know who his parents were. His earliest memories are of running with a Syndicate-affiliated orphan gang on Orion. He would beg, pick pockets, break into homes, and steal.

When Tan came of age, he was chosen as a slave by Deneia Tejera, a high ranking Syndicate member and pirate. She had many males in her service and was a cruel mistress, and Tan, like all her males, was under the subjugating effects of her pheromones. He served as muscle in her criminal endeavors and as plaything. She soon came to recognize his intelligence, however, and he moved up in her organization. His life was hard, a constant struggle for existence against jealous rival males, other Syndicate cells, and the often capricious nature of his mistress.

Eventually Tan was arrested after one of Deneia’s endeavors went sour, foiled by the crew of the USS Winchester at the end of the Dominion War. He nearly died as he went through severe withdrawal from lack of his mistress's pheromones and spent several months on the Nemesis as he recovered.

Tan’ato served three years in a Federation penal colony before he was released early on good behavior. He had made an effort to educate and improve himself while in the penal colony. Inspired by the examples he saw on the Winchester, he applied for a release program to go from prison into Starfleet. Wanting to get away from his violent past, he entered an on the job engineering program rather than security or tactical, in which he had more experience, serving aboard the USS Good Hope, a science vessel. He was sponsored in the program by Captain Artemis Pierce, now of the USS Nemesis.

At the encouragement of his mentor Pierce and his superiors on the Good Hope, Tan’ato gained his Federation citizenship and applied to Starfleet Academy’s engineering track. He proved an able cadet, demonstrating a strong ability to work together and a natural talent at mediating disputes due to his personal pacifism and trying to find nonviolent solutions to problems.

When Tan’ato graduated the Academy, he was recruited for the USS Nemesis by Captain Pierce. The ship was a Starfleet Intelligence ship, ostensibly a mobile listening post along the Federation’s borders. Tan served on board as an engineer in the clandestine Project Peacemaker, which used an experimental ship design to penetrate deep behind enemy borders to deliver targeted surgical infiltrations for black ops units. During his service on the Nemesis, Tan’ato was given cross training in various intelligence disciplines.

Tan’ato switched over to Operations when the Assistant Chief position on the ship opened up. He had worked with many of the Operations officers while in engineering, and so he was a natural fit, with his tendency to work well with others.

When the USS Nightingale launch was announced, Tan’ato put in for the position of Chief of Operations on the medical ship. He liked the idea of serving on a noncombat vessel, something that set better with his personal pacifism than some of the edge of legal operations of the Peacemaker program. On the Nightingale, he was first tasked with solving the problem of upgrading an older ship to the new bio-neural gel packs and finessing out all the inevitable quirks that came with such an upgrade. At one point, he was caught in a malfunctioning turbolift with his captain. Under the influence of alien observers, he and his captain shared a moment of passion, which continued into a clandestine relationship for the next few weeks until the alien influence was discovered.

When the captain was removed from command following the alien influence incident, Tan’ato was chosen as the next Executive Officer on the Nightingale. The ship responded to a massive humanitarian disaster at Menope VII, where the colony planet’s terraforming was breaking down. Shortly after Tan’ato shuttled down to the planet with the medical and relief teams, the Nightingale’s new captain succumbed to a strange alien virus that left him in a coma, leaving Tan in charge.

Despite the efforts of the Nightingale and many other Federation ships, the planet’s terraformation degradation was too advanced and too rapid. Faced with the rising danger to his crew and the dwindling hopes of saving survivors, Tan’ato ordered his people to abandon the planet. Millions of lives were lost in the disaster.

In the months following the disaster, Tan’ato and the Nightingale responded to more mundane humanitarian missions as they weathered the inevitable inquiries following the disaster. Tan’ato was determined to maintain command of his ship out of loyalty to his crew. He knew what they were capable of. They just needed to be given the opportunity to prove themselves to Starfleet. But most importantly, he and the crew of the Nightingale are there to save lives.
Service Record 2378 - Engineer, USS Good Hope
2382 - Enters Starfleet Academy
2385 - Graduates Starfleet Academy; posted to USS Nemesis in Engineering
2390 - Transfers to Operations as Assistant Chief
2392 - Transfers to USS Nightingale as Chief of Operations
2393 - Executive Officer, USS Nightingale
2395 - Commanding Officer, USS Nightingale