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Lieutenant Kiernan Gallagher VII

Name Kiernan Michael Gallagher VII PhD

Position Chief of Environmental Sciences

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 162.56 cm (5’4”)
Weight 53.52 kg (108 lbs)
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kiernan Gallagher is man who comes in several centimeters below that of the average human male. He comes in at 162.56 centimeters and only weighs a mere 53.52 kilos, in essence, he is a small guy. He has a trim build, with the torso muscle definition only coming through due to having practically zero fat. Though he is small, he is quick, agile, and can be an asset in that regard. He is not particularly strong but does keep fit with a regular exercise routine.

He has strawberry blonde hair that is light enough to pass for blonde if he is out in the sun too long. He keeps his hair cut nice and neat with some length on top to style. His eyes are an ice blue in color, they are vibrant blue eyes full of a bit of mischief and a lot of wonder, and awe. Kiernan has no distinguishing marks, scars, or tattoos. His fair skin is unblemished, however whenever out in the sun he does have to wear some sort of sun block to keep from burning – when he was a teenager, he had suffered very bad burns and had to be treated as such.

When he was in graduate school, Kiernan decided to grow a beard. This was for two reasons, he was tired of shaving which irritated his fair skin, and second, he wanted to look mature. Up until that point it took a lot convincing that he was older than twelve, something that he had grown accustomed to but nevertheless embarrassed him. He keeps the beard trimmed and to Starfleet dress code standards.

His style is fairly relaxed when not in uniform. He tends to lean toward vibrant colors – to counter act the dark shades that Starfleet uses in their uniforms – patterns, and stripes. His tops vary from long sleeve to short, and his trousers vary from denim to khaki. Besides his uniform boots, he goes for a relaxed style in footwear as well.

Overall, Kiernan is a clean-cut man who is fastidious about hygiene, keeping trimmed fingernails, and a trimmed, neat beard.


Spouse Single
Children No Offspring
Father Kiernan Michael Gallagher VI, MD PhD
Mother Rachel Esther Byrne-Gallagher
Brother(s) No Brothers
Sister(s) Emily Gallagher (adopted sister) - younger
Other Family Kiernan comes from a large family on both his paternal and maternal side. As of 2396, Kiernan’s great-great grandmother on his maternal side is the oldest at 137 years old.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kiernan Gallagher is not a hot-shot, nor is he a ‘cookie-cutter’ Starfleet Officer, nor is he anything special in a lot of ways. Kiernan Gallagher just is! He is one of billions upon billions of humans, and frankly he is okay with this. He is not looking to stand out, nor is he looking to be the best of the best. He just wants to do a good job for Starfleet – he is very proud to wear the uniform – and he just wants to be the best version of himself that he can be. He isn’t looking for accolades, or for promotions, he just is looking for a life that is full of exploration, wonderment, and fulfillment.

The one thing that Kiernan practices in his life is whole heartedness. He truly has love for all that the universe holds, from the smallest of microbes, to the largest mountains, and everything in between. He is not so naïve to think that the universe has some pockets of not so great things, but he tries to overlook that and look for the positives. However, this is where he sometimes will find his voice and speak up when he sees things that are hurtful to planets, animals, and people.

Kiernan does deal with some social anxiety. It hasn’t always been easy for him to fit in, his size doesn’t help, nor does his higher pitched voice, and his lack of masculinity. Fitting in has something he strived for in his younger years, but now that he is older and established in his career, he doesn’t pay as much attention to fitting in. He wants to make friends beyond his ‘work friends’ but he doesn’t force it anymore. He much more laid back in this regard now, however, in social situations he still gets that familiar feeling of having all eyes on him. He also worries he will say the wrong thing or is not as sophisticated as others. At times he figuratively ‘stumbles and falls,’ and ends up embarrassed and either stays quiet the rest of the time or finds an excuse to leave. He does always try to put himself out there and will continue to do so in hopes that things will be okay – which they usually are.

In his quest to overcome his social anxiety, Kiernan also is on a quest to work on his shyness when it comes to men, he is interested in. The thought of even approaching a man he is interested in gives him anxiety, twists his stomach, and cause him to not only break out in a sweat, but hives as well. He is very comfortable with his sexuality, and had accepted himself at a young age, but when it comes to men he likes or is attracted to, he just can’t seem to get it together and becomes a bumbling idiot in the process. So, he tends to just stay away from that part of his life, choosing scientific endeavors to wrap himself in. However, he is at a point in his life where he would like to find someone, though won’t be heartbroken or regretful if he doesn’t.

In general, Kiernan Gallagher just is one of those humans who just tries his best to make it from day to day. He is the type to always put one foot in front of the other, he doesn’t live with regrets, and he always tries to make the best of a bad situation. More importantly, Kiernan strives for a life that is true, full, and rich with wonderment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Just like any human, Kiernan has many strengths and plenty of weaknesses, he is really a product of human nature. Some of his better strengths come from his humanity, he is kind, compassionate, and embodies all that Starfleet and the Federation stand for. He also is very passionate about what he does for Starfleet. He does have wanderlust, but he is also an explorer at heart. This was one of the reasons he left earth and his family behind. Earth was just too small to contain all his curiosity. He would consider his curiosity a strength even though that curious nature has gotten him into some pickles in his time.

He also tends to stand up for the oppressed and the injustices that he sees, especially when it comes to the environment, and especially animals – he tends to get along better with a rock, or an alien dog than a humanoid. However, he knows there is injustice in the universe, even within the Federation, and this is where he gets frustrated with Starfleet and how they handle some of these situations. He feels that Starfleet can do better in these situations, and there are times when he can be vocal about these situations. Though he hasn’t been looked on favorably in some of these instances and pointed out that he was the low man on the totem pole, he still is glad he spoke up.

Kiernan also harbors some weaknesses that are more internalized than anything outward. There are times when he feels Starfleet missteps, especially when it comes to the Prime Directive. He understands why the directive is in place, but he can be very critical of those who hold the Directive as if it was the holy grails of directives. Another weakness is that sometimes he tends to take risks, this is more to prove that he can do the job. In his Academy time, he had instructors who would question if he was cut out for a career in Starfleet, and so Kiernan, at times, feels like he has something to prove. Also, as a scientist, especially a geologist, sometimes comes with the risk of having to procure specimens from various rock faces. He typically is the first to volunteer to plunge down the side of a cliff.

However, with all that said, if asked about his biggest weakness to overcome, Kiernan would answer that he is too passive. He has allowed others to walk all over him in the sake of possible friendships, he has let professors and higher ups berate him for fear of losing a position. There are times when he knows a fellow scientist is wrong, but for fear of judgement or backlash, will not speak up – which has caused a few issues. He does work with a counselor to help alleviate some of this anxiety, and he feels he has made some progress, but also knows he has a long way to go.

In general, Kiernan knows his strengths outweigh the weaknesses on a daily basis, but he also recognizes that his weaknesses are a part of him. He also recognizes that to be human is to have these weaknesses and he does embrace them and tries to work through them, so they are not all consuming.
Ambitions Kiernan Gallagher is an academic and a scientist, so he is not ambitious in the traditional sense. Rank is not as important to as the exploring or the research that comes with being in Starfleet. His ambition comes with knowledge and seeking out new things. He would love to be the first to find ‘that thing’ but also knows space is vast and finding something new may not happen in his lifetime. He is content with where he is at, especially since there are many ‘second stars to the right’ that still need to be explored.
Hobbies & Interests Kiernan is a collector. He likes the things that are odd, or unique, or rare. He has a collection of soil samples, geodes, books, poetry, action figures, Legos, and of course rocks – and yes, he may or may not have a pet rock. Now obviously, being in Starfleet has not afforded him the luxury of staying in one place for long periods of time so a lot of his collections are in a storage containers. However, he does have a few possessions that he carries around with him from assignment to assignment that have quite a sentimental value and that they remind him of either home or his travels.

Another interest that Kiernan has is poetry. He loves prose, and words and that is something that can be found in poetry. He also writes poetry and has a collection of poetry about nature that has been published by a Mars based publishing company. The book is not in wide circulation or anything, but he has gained some following over the past few years and corresponds with some of those followers. He still, continues to write poetry to this day, but has branched out a bit to include some creative writing as well as journaling.

His other interests have to do with the environment, and the life that is sustained by the environment on various planets. As a geologist he knows all the classifications by heart, but beyond his work, any time off his gets, he tends to visit different types of planets, moons, and asteroids. He is fascinated by how planets and life on those planets are the same and yet so different as well. He is fascinated by the various hues of atmospheres, of plant life, or bodies of water, and of course is fascinated by the geological evolution of a planet. So, this passion goes far beyond his job, it is part of his life as well.

In short, Kiernan really has many interests, and with a curious nature, he will always find an interest in something. He always wants to know more stuff, and is not ashamed to say so, or ask a question or two. To him, life isn’t worth living if you can’t explore what that means in the greater scheme of things. He holds some of his interests in higher regards compared to others, but overall, he just wants to know as much as his brain can hold.

He jokes that he is good at trivia games because of how much useless information he holds. But that is another story for another time.

Personal History Kiernan Michael Gallagher VII was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on earth calendar date October 10, 2363 to parents Kiernan Michael Gallagher the VI, and Rachel Byrne-Gallagher. Kiernan would be the only biological child the two would have, eventually adopting his sister Emily five years later. Kiernan had come into the world rather early, and because of this had suffered some delays both physically and cognitively. However, with the perseverance of his parents, Kiernan had overcome a lot of those delays to go on to live a mostly normal childhood. Both of his parents were civilians, and even though his dad had gone off planet several times for medical conferences, his mother had stayed on earth. Both parents wanted to provide as normal a childhood for their two children as possible, and so technology was used only sparingly. Because of the lack of technology in his home, it was during his childhood and teenage years that he had learned to clean, cook, gardening and more importantly to enjoy the outdoors.

The only downfall of his younger years was due to his small stature, his mom had become overprotective. Though he was healthy as any other boy his age, he had just been shorter and underweight compared to others his age. She wouldn’t let him participate in sports, and he wasn’t allowed to go out exploring on his own. However, his dad was a little more lenient and would take his only son camping, hiking, and rock climbing. It was during this time that he began to ponder the universe, which would lead him to eventually join Starfleet.

The road to Starfleet was a rocky one for the young Kiernan. He had announced when he was 14 that he wanted to join Starfleet and from then on, it had been a constant battle, especially with his mother. He wanted to explore, he wanted to learn more, he wanted to be away from his big, loud family. He had always felt like the odd one out, and he felt Starfleet might provide a place where he felt accepted and more importantly… needed. His mother had been fine with his choice of career in the sciences but wanted him to go into teaching and Kiernan didn’t want that for himself.

In 2381 after many fights with his mother, and with the support of his father and eventually reluctant support from his mother, Kiernan entered Starfleet Academy. At first, it was a little overwhelming, but he had quickly adapted to his surroundings and classes. The Academy was a large institution full of many different types of people, and he relished in all the new experiences. He found his classes challenging, and he was happy for those challenges. He also found that most people were friendly, and though it took him a bit to fit in, Kiernan did form some friendships. However, the downside of his experience was that he still spent most of his time alone or studying. Kiernan wanted to prove to his parents – especially his mother – that he had made the right choice. Failing, or dropping out wasn’t an option, even though he had days where he just wanted to give up.

There were four years of ups and downs, but overall, Kiernan felt he had a good Academy experience. He also knew that he wasn’t ready to go out into the world that was Starfleet. He wanted more out of his education experience, and he wanted to specialize in the environmental sciences. Starfleet was full of astrophysicists, xenobiologists, and cartographers, but there was a lack of those who actually studied the planets, and the evolution of those planets. He had always loved geology and found the formation of his home planet fascinating so that transferred to his love of the geological sciences. Once he was commissioned, he entered a graduate program with three others who would focus on the specialties of geophysics and geomorphology.

The graduate program was tough, and it was run by some tough instructors, but Kiernan quickly acclimated to the mounds of work that was put before him. He spent his twenty-four-hour day eating, sleeping, classes, and studying. There was no room for anything else in his life. It was during his graduate school time that he was first introduced to a Vallaria II, a planet that was recently discovered just past the Federation’s southern border, and it had been uninhabited with no signs of even early lifeforms. It has an interesting find. It was a planet that was much like earth in that it was billions of years old, but the geomorphology betrayed that number. The geomorphology only showed a planet that was barely formed. In all the planets Kiernan had studied, he had never seen anything like it.

It had been an experience of a lifetime to step onto an alien world, and yet look and feel so much like earth. The sky was a brilliant blue, the grasses green and vibrant, the rock formations various shades of grays, browns, and tans, and clear blue bodies of fresh water. There was no an ounce of salt water to be found on the planet. The weather patterns were even similar to earth’s, with rain and storms in the summer months and wintery weather in the winter months. The team’s job was to collect samples, data, and analyze why Vallaria II was the way it was. In a way, Kiernan had related to how different the little planet it was, Vallaria II didn’t conform to the norms of typical Class-M planets, and Kiernan didn’t conform to that was the typical human male.

The team spent the better part of a year on Vallaria II and then headed back to earth to finish up the research. Almost a year later, Kiernan graduated with top honors and was given his doctorate. A couple of days later, he was on a vessel heading back to Vallaria II for his first official assignment as not only a freshly minted lieutenant junior grade, but with a doctorate as well.

Kiernan spent nearly two years on Vallaria II as the lead geologist of the science team. Though the team spent majority of their stay on Vallaria II, the USS Yosemite – B, a Rhode Island Class vessel, provided support when needed. The time on Vallaria II was lucrative in that the team had collected a lot of data, but unfortunately all the research did not really yield any results. To this day, sometimes in his free time, Kiernan will continue the research just to see if there is something he may have missed. After his time on the Vallaria II, he was offered the lead geologist position on the Yosemite.

The small starship had been tasked with exploration of a large swath of sectors near Vallaria II, and it had encountered a lot of similar planets like the aforementioned planet. The assignment kept Kiernan busy and he found himself being included in most away teams. This was the part of Starfleet that he loved and enjoyed. He got to explore and be an integral part of that exploration. He had been apart of a cohesive science team, and he was grateful for the camaraderie. However, he found himself in a similar position he did at the Academy. He had friends, in the loosest sense, but he had been rarely invited to do things off-duty. Despite the friendship situation, Kiernan would look back on his time on the Yosemite fondly. He was able to explore, get more experience as the ranking geologist, and get more research on the phenomenon that Vallaria II faced.

So, it was with a bit of disappointment when he was reassigned. At first, Keirnan’s thoughts were plagued with not so great thoughts. Over and over he pondered if he had done something wrong. The reassignment came out of nowhere, and a transport vessel had even come to retrieve him and a few other crew. The captain hadn’t said much, nor had the chief science officer. He wanted to ask questions, but his passivity held him back. Besides, what could he ask, say or do to even change the situation. The orders were sound and there was no debating them. He had spent over three years on the Yosemite and always had good evaluations. To this day, this sticks with him. He never found out why, but he also has learned to live with the fact that he just wasn’t one to stick out. He had taken one major risk in his life and that was joining Starfleet, after that, he just worked hard and did his job. Clearly, that was not enough?

The transport vessel had taken him to a planetary starbase, Starbase 399. This came with a promotion and he found upon arrival that he would be leading one of the environmental science teams. That had surprised him at first, but it was a welcome surprise. He still wished that he could have been on a starship, exploring the farthest reaches of the galaxy, but he would also make the best of this assignment. While assigned to the starbase, Kiernan’s job consisted of several facets; coordinating research, going out with teams to the nearby sectors, and analyzing data that starships collected from their own exploration. There were also advantages to being on a planetary base. It was much larger than a starship, it had restaurants, shops, and far more activities. He also could venture out on his off-days and explore the terrain.

After a couple of years, Starfleet Command had decided to move Starbase 399 to a deep space outpost facility, with a very small science department. The move seemed out of the blue, and once again, very little information was given as to why this was happening. At this point in his career, Kiernan had made peace with this lack of information that Command always seemed to provide. Even the commanding officer of the starbase had seemed perplexed by this move. However, the elder officer was given a starship command and that the command of the new outpost would be by a woman with the rank of a commander.

During the time that Kiernan spent on 399, he had become close to the executive officer, a Trill named Coran Sigan. The two had become fast friends and would do things together off-duty. They had become close but never really crossed a line into a public relationship. However, Kiernan didn’t mind simply because he spent time with someone, someone who shared his interests, and the two had even went out hiking and camping together. Coran Sigan had come up through the environmental sciences as well, so he understood the passion that Kiernan possessed for this particular specialty. It was also Coran who had made sure that Kiernan got a new assignment that would be a good fit. Coran had surprised him one night over dinner with the new assignment. It was on an Olympic Class vessel named the USS Nightingale and that it sported a rather impressive science team. The starship had been looking for a head of environmental sciences and Coran had submitted Kiernan’s name. A month later, Kiernan and Coran were saying goodbye, Kiernan heading off onto the Nightingale and Coran off to his new command as captain. To this day, the two still stay in touch.

Currently, Kiernan Gallagher resides on the USS Nightingale as the head of environmental sciences.
Service Record 2381: Enters Starfleet Academy
2385: Graduates Starfleet Academy – Commissioned as an ensign
2385: Enters Starfleet Graduate Program
2388: Training expedition to Vallaria II
2389: Graduates with a doctorate in the geosciences, with emphasis on geophysics and geomorphology
2389: Assigned to science team to Vallaria II – Lead Geologist
2391: Assigned to USS Yosemite-B – Lead Geologist
2394: Assigned to planetary Starbase 399 – Environmental Sciences Beta Team Lead
2396: Assigned to USS Nightingale – Chief of Environmental Sciences