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Lieutenant JG Kethal James

Name Kethal Keith James

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm (6'1)
Weight 84.8 kg (187 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kethal's boyish good looks doesn't hide his families good genetic legacy very well, but he wouldn't care much about hiding it. He carries himself with a quiet confidence and with good reason. His slightly longer brown hair while generally well kept at the start of a day, often ends up a little bit of a mess near the end due to either him dragging his hands through it, or some basic static cling due to his profession. He considered cutting it shorter at times, but he feels it ruins his charm.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commodore Keith James (Age 52)
Mother Dr. Sarah James MD (age 53)
Brother(s) Joseph James (Age 18)
Sister(s) Dr. Winter James MD, SFM (Age 29)
Melisa James (Age 24)
Other Family Uncle Norman (Age 58)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kethal is well adjusted for anyone of his age, With his family history he is used to spotlight and being placed on the spot. He is well spoken and charming, he is not above casually flirting with people of the opposite sex (sometimes more the flirting when on leave). and often comes up with the odd nickname for people to use during everyday life. However when it comes to crunch time, his shows his full potential; he's focused on the task at hand and is the consummate professional for the most part. While he is a casual person by nature, he's been known to crack the odd joke to lighten the mood.

While he may seem like a pretty boy with a silver spoon in his throat at first glance, he considers the spoon more of a burden to himself. As he considers the sins of his father's have been pushed onto him, and the constant attention from the media tends to irk him greatly. He wanted to get by on his own merits and Intelligence, but in some cases the shadow of his father constantly irritates him as he can't get out of it. And as such tends to give people extra credit where credit is due to pull attention away from himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Above average intelligence.
+ Charming.
+ Natural engineering skills.
+ Can handle the pressure of being the centre of attention.

- His playful flirting.
- Casual attitude towards life.
- His shifts from casual to professional can seem jarring.
- Resents being the centre of attention when it's not on his own merits.
Ambitions To help people with his skills and get out of the shadow of his father.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Born in January of 2367 in Western Canada to Keith James and then Sarah Wells. Kethal's developmental years was that of living in the fear of not only the Klingon Federation war, but also the war with the Dominion. His father a recent graduate and had only two years field experience, as a fighter pilot aboard the USS Tempest; a Akira class battlecruiser. His father gained renown during this period, climbing up from untested pilot, to well known executive officer of the ship by the end of the Dominion war. His rise was not only based on his own merits, but also as political tool by the Federation to spur enlistment.

This constant shadow rested over not only Kethal, but his other siblings as well, as the family tradition of serving was pushed onto them, by not only his father with their proud history of serving since the start of the Federation, but the press as well when he was old enough. His family became known for the highest Federation ideals, and while he was not directly harassed by press. There always seemed like there was someone waiting just out of sight to pounce on the smallest bit of scandal. Resenting all this attention, he didn't feel like he had much of a life, and wanted to strike out on his own to get away from the shadow of not only his father; but the attention of the press as well. In his mind Starfleet had ruined his childhood and the chance of a normal life.

These feelings were further amplified however as the realities of war came into play long after the war ended. When he was thirteen, evidence that was previously sealed had come out to suggest his father had hit several Cardassian civilian targets during one of his combat flights. The press went crazy for this information, and the idea of a fall from grace and blind faced lies marked the headlines for a few years as there was a official and very public investigation.

To shelter her children from these realities and the public backlash that followed, his mother sent him and all his siblings to his Uncle's Norman's farm to live and work. Their schooling handled by correspondence. It was there Kethal's natural talents started to bloom, his skills in helping to fix the various equipment quickly developed and he had a natural affinity for mechanical systems. By the time he was seventeen there was very little he could not fix or put together. This garnered the attention of his father, who by this point had come out of the scandal relatively unscathed and was found innocent.

It was then that his father really started to pressure him to go into the Academy like his eldest sister did, Kethal had a talent and he should use it to improve the Federation; not just himself. lady luck however played a cruel joke on Kethal though, as after a partially nasty fight with his father, he went on a school trip to Andoria for his biology final in high school. During transport to a remote site. Their small transport crashed, The two pilots were dead on impact and his teacher was severely injured. With the Emergency transponder damaged and depleting power reserves, the ship was slowly becoming cold. Hours away from anyone noticing they were gone, and days away to be found, hope was thin if they were going to survive long enough to be found alive. Thinking quickly and putting his skills to work, he fixed the transponder and activated it's distress beacon, all the while coordinating his classmates to help keep everyone else alive. They were found not three hours after that.

On the transport back to Earth, Kethal realised he had a purpose a duty to fulfill. He did want to help people, he would never become a Doctor like his sister and mother, or a Pilot like his father, but he had the hands and the know how to fix things. It was then that he decided to go to Starfleet Academy, while he certainly didn't want his father to assist him in getting in to the Academy, his Father quietly pulled a few strings by bringing the Academy directors attention to the recent incident. With Kethal's grades and the recent incident, it wasn't a hard decision to add Kethal to the Academy roster as a late addition for that year.

The Academy was a relatively smooth ride for him, as much as some of the instructors where rough with him, he preferred them the most as they made him feel normal. For his Engineering dissertation however was there that caught some more attention and his brilliance shown. He developed the concept of the idea of torpedo's used for mining. While the idea itself wasn't new. The implementation was what garnered attention, instead of using explosives to dislodge surface minerals. (potentially destroying them.) He came up with a robotic mining system which used torpedo's as a delivery mechanism, small mechanical miners would deploy from the torpedo to mine the materials and fill the torpedo back up with the raw materials and then picked up. For normal mining operations it wasn't that practical, the beauty of the design however was for deep space exploration vessels and their long periods between Starbase visits. With that R&D picked him up at graduation and put him in charge of the very project he had come up with.
Service Record Starfleet Academy:

-2385 (mid): Reported in to Starfleet Academy training.
-2386 (mid): Completed first year Academy training.
-2386(late): Chose Engineering as his Major.
-2388 (mid): Chose tactical systems as a Minor.
-2389 (mid): Graduation from Starfleet Academy, Dissertation brought to the attention of Starfleet R&D

Starfleet Research and Development:

-2389(late): Assigned a small research team based on the concepts of his dissertation.
-2390(early): Practical miner bots developed and rudimentary artificial intelligence in concept phase.
-2390 (mid): Miner AI developed and installed on the prototype miner bots. early results show promise.
-2390(late): Launch vehicle development process fifty percent complete.
-2391(early): Launch vehicle development complete, initial testing underway in Sol system.
-2391(mid): Full testing under way. Testing showed several failure points in the design, further testing postponed.
-2392(late): Project scrapped due to inconclusive and undesirable amounts of progress made for design refinements.

Starfleet Engineering corps:

-2393: Assigned to Bajor 8's moon as a assistant head of development of a new hospital site.
-2394(Late): With the project completed, requested reassignment to Starship duty.
-2395: Currently still assigned to Bajor under various temporary duty assignments.