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Lieutenant JG Aleksandra "Sanya" Litvyak

Name Aleksandra "Sanya" Vladimirovna Litvyak FRCPCH, DCH

Position Medical Officer - Pediatric

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth 18 August 2368
Place of Birth Moscow, Russia, Earth.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Known commonly by her nickname, Sanya, she can be descrived as a petite Human female young woman. Her hair is unusually silver due to a very rare genetic fault. She should have technically being an Albino, however the fault only affected her hair. She is however rather pale in comparison to other Humans.

She usually keeps her hair short, mainly to shoulder length to keep it neat and tidy. Her green eyes have been said to sparkle like emeralds in the right light, and she can often be lost in a crowd due to her petite size.


Father Isaak Litvyak
Mother Alena Litvyak
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aleksandra, will always introduce herself as "Sanya" which she prefers, even in formal occassions. She is a fairly reserved quiet person, and is often easy to lose in a crowd or large conversation. She is very good with children and enjoys her work. Off duty she doesn't speak an awful lot, but is pleasant to be around. She has been described as a 'soft speaker' at times. Her kind and caring manner is very suitable for working with patients and she has been known to be shy at times, especially around intimidating people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ High intelligence when it comes to medicine
+ Kind and caring bedside manner, especially towards children.
+ Easily likeable and trustworthy

- Can be very quiet at times.
- Struggles sometimes with large social gatherings.
- Can become scared by intimidating people or threatening events.
Ambitions Sanya has a few ambitions that she wants to complete in her lifetime. Her main ambition is to help others, she loves working with children so she enjoys helping them with her medical knowledge. Another ambition is that she would one day like to start her own family, however she see's her young patients as her own children when they are in her own care. She wishes for her own one day, the only thing holding her back is that she is often overlooked by most men as she blends in well with crowds and doesn't stand out.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
- Music - She is a talented piano player.
- She has an amazing singing voice, and often finds herself singing or humming when working without realising.
- Cooking - She enjoys cooking, especially fresh fruit desserts such as strawberry tarts and apple pies.
- Sanya has an interest in flying, it may seem strange for such a quiet individual to like something thrilling, but she enjoys the adrenaline rush from propeller based aircraft.

Personal History Born in Moscow, but raised in Vienna Sanya has always been a quiet yet bright girl. From a very early age she showed a great passion and skill when it came to music and mathematics. She began learning the piano at age three and still practices to this day. However everything changed when she was five years old at the outbreak of the Dominion War. She watched as a young child the FNS broadcasts and followed the war more than she could. She had never seen anything like it and it often upset her to hear that people were dying for something she didn't at the time consider that big of a deal.

It was on the day of the breen Attack on Earth when Sanya was Seven Years old in 2375, that opened her eyes. She had been in San Francisco on a school trip when the attack had happened. Starfleet were caught off guard as were the people of Earth as the Breen heavily damaged the city and Starfleet Installations. Sanya along with several other children from her class had found themselves caught up in the commotion and had become trapped after a building near them had collapsed.

Not knowing what to do and the only one who wasn't badly injured, Sanya helped her friends in her class. She made makeshift bandages from their school uniforms like they had been shown in their first aid training and helped keep them calm by singing songs. It was her voice that attracted the search and rescue teams to their location. She was told that if she hadn't of been singing to keep her friends and classmates calm, they may not have discovered them in time.

This motivated Sanya to do something to help others. She couldn't quite think of what though. She had yet to make up her mind by the time she was fifteen, until her father sat down for a chat. He pushed Sanya hard for several hours to help her come to the decision that would change her life. Sanya looked into several options, she decided that she wanted to do something medical related. At first she had in mind to become a nurse. Therefore from that day forward, Sanya worked hard on her school subjects, focusing on biology, chemistry, Mathematics and citizenship studies hoping to forge a pathway to nursing.

At age sixteen she graduated secondary school with A's in the sciences, and B's in Mathematics and citizenship studies. She began looking for a college further education course to lead the way to University. Luckily she found several courses at the College of Vienna. However the nursing course was fully booked. The only course they had open was that of Childcare. She contemplated waiting for the next enrollment date in a years time, but decided that she could use the time wisely and take the childcare course regardless.

To her surprise she enjoyed the childcare course. Even though it was less medical orientated and focused on education, child development and care she still stuck with it. She loved working with children on her placements in local schools and nurseries. She was quiet and struggled with the less obedient children. However found that sometimes being quiet was an advantage as raising voices and shouting never resolved anything when it came to children. She discovered that a quiet, calm approach to most situations always helped and often resulted in a better outcome.

After two years at college, and at age eighteen Sanya graduated Vienna College with a Level Three in Childcare. She was told she could easily get a job as a teaching assistant or a nursery nurse if she wanted. However she had bigger dreams. Her original plan to be a nurse had changed slightly, she had decided to become a children's nurse. Applying for University was hard for Sanya. She sent in applications to several over the entire of Russia, hoping to be accepted by one of them. However all but one rejected her.

The University of Rostov wrote back to her. The dean of the medical school had been impressed by Sanya's statement and her grades. Although he admitted that she could be better he decided to meet with Sanya personally to discuss her application. Sanya met him in Rostov the following week. He saw a shy young girl who wouldn't seem to handle pressure, but after talking with her and getting to know her he saw differently. What closed the deal was when Sanya told him the story of what happened in San Francisco when she was seven, and after verifying it, became impressed. He called her a diamond in the rough and told her she was welcome to join the University. However he wanted more from her, instead of going into Nursing and joining a profession where she may stall, he asked her to join to become a doctor instead. That way she could specialise into Paediatrics and achieve her dreams.

So Sanya did that. She packed her bags and moved over to Rostov. She studied hard, focusing on medicine in general. She was well liked by the lecturers, although some of them were concerned about her habit of asking long complicated questions that would often throw them off. It was just that Sanya wanted to absorb as much knowledge as she could. Over the next four years Sanya was known as the 'Quiet Smarty-Pants' in the class. She didn't often speak up. However it was in her third year that her class mates decided to ask her to come out for a night on the town with them, after they all finally turned twenty one and they could legally drink.

A brand new side to Sanya came out that night. After a few rounds of drinks, she developed a taste for Vodka. (Typical Russian Girl). This made her confidence fly though the roof and them some more. She started to become more outspoken when drunk. She was also a very good dancer and only when tipsy or drunk was she not afraid to show off her skills. She may have been quiet at all other times, but a few shots of Vodka and you couldn't shut Sanya up! It was a rather interesting turn of character. She even flirted with boys, something which several of her classmates couldn't believe when they first saw it.

Regardless of this, Sanya made a few friends at University. She graduated with a first honours degree in medicine after four years. At age twenty two she not had two options, she could become a junior doctor at a clinic or a surgery or find a placement to do her medical foundation and earn her full doctorate. She found the most unusual invitation, Starfleet Medical.

She thought about it for weeks. She was finally pushed into it by her friends. Even though San Francisco still reminded her of those bad memories she had as a child, she decided to go there and start fresh. At age twenty two, she started working at the Starfleet Medical Complex in San Francisco for her two year medical foundation degree whilst working in practice. She loved working in the Starfleet Medical Complex. She found it a little strange to be wearing a Starfleet Uniform on her first day, especially since she had been given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade upon joining. Apparently it was standard for most new qualified junior doctors to be given this rank. Not that Sanya really cared about rank of position.

The next two years taught Sanya more than she had ever learnt. She had been working with a variety of species, new diseases and technology that she could never have dreamt of. At twenty four after two years of working hard in the medical complex, coursework and studying in the evenings and writing her thesis she finally earned her full doctorate and could be considered a M.D. by Starfleet Standards.

This was when Sanya could now choose a specialism. She knew exactly what to choose. Paediatrics. She transferred away from the general medical area of the complex to the children's ward and surgery. She loved working with the children, especially the younger children. She also trained here in midwifery and minor surgical procedures. After a year of Paediatric experience and on the job training, her head of the Paediatric department suggested that she approach the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Healh. This established college based in London of the United Kingdom awarded and granted proper Paediatric status to Paediatricians across the Federation. Sanya could qualify to become a fellow of the college with her training as well as gain a Diploma in Child Health.

Sanya put forward and approached the college. Safe to say they were surprised by her request, especially from a Starfleet Officer. She worked hard and eventually managed to gain an affiliate membership. It took nearly a year of yet more study before she was awarded her FRCPCH (Fellowship of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) as well as her DCH (Diploma in Child Health).

By this time she was now she was twenty six years old and was a fully qualified Paediatric Doctor, with a Starfleet Commission. However she had never even taken one step on a Starship. She built up the courage to find a position on a medical ship or a Starbase in space. Not that she didn't like her feet firmly on the ground, but she wanted to help others that were more out in the vasts of the Galaxy than been stuck on Earth.

Her first space faring assignment came quite fast. She was snapped up by the USS Nobel one of Starfleets Olympic Class Vessels. She had never been in space before, but enjoyed the fact that she would be helping others. In the course of the enxt two years aboard the Nobel, Sanya worked with many children from across the Federation. She loved being able to help others from so many different worlds, as well as assisting in other medical matters when there were no children aboard.

The Nobel returned to Starfleet to be taken out of service. It was now an old ship and had exceeded it life. Sanya was sad to see it go, she had started to consider it home. However she was informed that the USS Nightingale was looking for a qualified Paediatric Doctor for its Paediatric Department. Sanya put in for the position, she wanted to be out there helping others again.
Service Record Vienna College - Level 3 Diploma in Childcare
Rostov Medical University - Standard 4 Years Medical Degree - First Class Honours
Starfleet Medical Complex - Medical Foundation Doctorate Program - Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
Starfleet Medical Complex - Paediatrics and Children's Department - Paediatric Doctor - Lieutenant Junior Grade
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, London. - Affiliate Membership Program (Still based in Starfleet Medical Complex) - Specialism in Paediatric Medicine.
USS Nobel NCC-55012 - Paediatric Doctor - Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Nightingale NCC-70026 - Paediatric Doctor/Medical Officer - Rank Pending