The Sim

Space, the Final Frontier.

These are the voyages of the Nightingale. It’s continuing mission:

To apply all measures, for the benefit of the sick, that are required.

To remember that warmth, sympathy, and understanding outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

To remember treating the person and not the sickness.

But most important, to do no harm.

U.S.S. Nightingale NCC 70026

The Nightingale was commissioned in 2363 when Starfleet came to the realisation that her predecessor in the Hope and Nightingale classes were beginning to look a bit antiquated, with comparably slow warp drive and limited range; meaning that they were nolonger up to the task in hand in an ever growing Federation.

The designers brief was to create a ship of high warp capacity whilst also providing large hospital facilities, emergency evacuation capability and emergency medical support, in essence it had to be both a Rapid Reaction Medical Ship and a Hospital all rolled into one.

Named after her predecessor, the Nightingale was one of 15 original Olympic Class ships to be built, but not without her fair share of problems. Originally mounted with the bare minimum of weapons and shields created a situation where she had a weak tactical ability.

It was originally taken for granted that as a medical ship, she was on humanitarian duties which shielded the ship from any attacks; a theory that would be put to the test during the Federation-Klingon War from 2372 to 2373 and again during the Dominion War from 2373 to 2375.

During these times, the initial fleet of 15 Olympic class ships had been increased to 72. Neither the Klingons nor the Dominion respected that the Olympic classes were neutral ground which should not be attacked and as such 31 of the ships were lost over the course of both wars.

Starfleet's initial reaction was to assign escorts to each ship; but still, despite this, the destruction continued. Starfleet realised that they needed to take action and as a result, the first major refit to the Olympic class was ordered in 2375 which equipped her with upgraded shields and weapons systems.

In 2380, a second major refit was ordered by Starfleet. New warp drives, computer cores, and processing systems. Along side this, a major overhaul took place of the ship's tactical and sensor systems in order to improve their efficiency and decrease their size, enabling the fitting of a handful of extra weapons systems and improved sensor resolution and communications range.

To this date, 2392, the Nightingale is the only surviving ship of the original 15. She holds her head proud and keeps her light lit for anyone in need of her help.

Stardate 41094.09 - The Nightingale is born in the Nikoral Shipyards, in the Tellar System. Her first crew is lead by Captain Timothy Carthy.

Stardate 49360.24 - Prior to this stardate, the Nightingale primarily lent aid to civilizations which found their planets being destroyed by nature and required relocation; and also to crews stranded when their ships were destroyed.
Stardate 49360.24 was to mark a significant milestone in the USS Nightingale's history as the Federation went to war with the Klingons.