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Security Mysteries: Morgue

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 9:19am by Master Chief Petty Officer Rosa Mendez & Ensign Jenna Twycroft

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: Morgue
Timeline: MD 5/1900

Rosa’s stomach rumbled as she made her way to the morgue. She had skipped lunch on account of being unconscious and amnesiac, and who knew when her last meal was. There was so much work to do on account of the incident, she wasn’t sure when she was going to get time to eat.

While Rosa waited for Jenna outside the morgue, she looked over her PADD. This seemed to be the last crime scene they needed to investigate. So many of her staff were still out due to the effects of whatever had happened, some people’s memories took longer to come back.

"Sorry for taking so long." Jenna smiled at Rosa as she approached the morgue doors, then shuddered. "Though I have to say, I'm not looking forward to looking around this place; it gives me the creeps."

“Understandable,” Rosa had to agree. “But it’s just dead bodies in stasis,” she reassured. “They won’t get up and kill you…” She paused. “They’re not supposed to get up and kill you,” she amended. “Medical gave us a list of who is supposed to be where, once we got computer access again. But the ones we’re most concerned about are these four.” She indicated four units on the pad listed with generic Jane and John Doe names and numbers.”

Rosa turned to the morgue door. “Pretty obvious they forced their way in,” she said, indicating the control panel that was hanging by wires from the bulkhead. “See if we can’t get prints or DNA?”

"On it." Jenna nodded, grateful to be scanning the control panel instead of peering at the dead. Flipping open her tricorder, she began to scan over the area. After a few minutes, she said "There's a partial print here, but it's not registering as any of the crew." Turning to Rosa, she added, "It looks like we have unauthorised personnel on board...or had, depending on if they're still here."

Rosa looked at the tricorder. She made a few adjustments, and a bit more detail emerged. “That belongs to the dead Ferengi we found in the shuttle bay, by the beat up cargo hauler,” she said, shaking her head.

“Let’s check these stasis pods.” Rosa went over to where the individual doors to four of the morgue’s storage units hung open. Four empty stasis coffins were laid out on the floor. “These aren’t Starfleet coffins,” Rosa noted.

"But that doesn't make sense." Jenna frowned as she ran her tricorder over the coffins, looking for clues of why exactly the coffins might be there.

Rosa pulled out one of the sleek black coffins used by Starfleet. The others were white civilian style. “Got a team processing the cargo shuttle in the shuttle bay,” she told Jenna. “We’ll see what they get out of it. Let’s see if we can get some DNA readings from these coffins.”

"There were Orions in here," Jenna murmured as she read the data on the tricorder. "Two males and two females." She tapped a few buttons. "Computer, run this DNA through the security database."

The computer chirruped its acknowledgement and just mere seconds later the results appeared on one of the wall computer panels. Jenna stepped over to take a look. "Tinsero and Zexysi Inebray. Looks like they were brother and sister. Listed in the Federation criminal database. He was an infamous hacker and computer criminal, she was a grifter and a thief." She skipped over the third Orion who had no interesting record. She gasped. "Look at this." She gestured to Rosa. "The last one was Deneia Tejera."

“Tejera,” Rosa said. “As in Captain Tejera?” she asked.

"Do you think she's related to the captain?" Jenna asked in wonder as she continued to read. "She was the head of an Orion pirate clan about twenty years ago when she was apprehended by the USS Winchester after the Dominion War. She escaped from a penal colony a few years ago and no one has managed to capture her since."

“How do you escape from a penal colony?” Rosa wondered. “She very well could be related to the captain. I don’t know him well,” she admitted, actually blushing slightly, since she’d spent one passionate night with the captain on Risa at her club before she was reactivated and assigned to the Nightingale. “You said she was a clan leader? Is there any data on the Tejera’s now?”

"After Deneia was captured, they fell to the Inebray clan," Jenna continued. "But there are rumours that Deneia returned and managed a coup and is working to rebuild her previous status," she explained before looking over to Rosa. "Though if her body was here, I'm guessing that didn't work out too well for her." Then she gasped. "They used these to escape from somewhere didn't they?" She pointed to the stasis pods.

“Maybe,” Rosa mused. “But how did they get here? What connection do they have to that cargo hauler with the dead Ferengi and Lurian? I think we finally have a connection to Captain Tejera, though,” she said darkly. “Just what is his part in all this?”

"Do you think he's helping them?" Jenna asked, "Has he gone rogue?" she added, starting to doubt their leader.

“I’m going to assume not, until we get more evidence. It isn’t looking good,” she admitted. “What is most important right now is retrieving that ryetilin and getting it to Renewed Providence.”

"There's a lot of 'what ifs' attached to that plan of action," Jenna replied. "I mean, we're still pretty clueless about what's happening."

“We have a lot of pieces,” Rosa said. “Time to put them together. We have those strange devices we found, and we should be able to get some security footage now that computer access is restored, I hope.”

"Maybe that should be our next job?" Jenna suggested, in truth, eager to get out of this place because it was giving her the creeps.

Rosa nodded. “I agree. Though that’s going to take a while,” she said. “So popcorn and pizza and a pajama party?” she asked ironically, heading for the exit from the morgue.

Jenna chuckled. "Sounds good to me," she called after the other woman as she followed her out, glad to be leaving the place. It gave her the creeps. "Do we get beer too?" she added, thinking you couldn't have pizza without it.

“Definitely need beer,” Rosa said with a smile.

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