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The Spoils

Posted on Thu Aug 19th, 2021 @ 1:10pm by Captain Tan'ato Tejera

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: USS Scutari/Near the Hromi Nebula
Timeline: MD 6

Zexysi Inebray came out of the small cargo area of the Federation runabout, making a few last minute changes to the data on the PADD she held as the doors closed behind her. “Finished up the inventory of what we took off the Nightingale,” the young Orion woman said. She handed the PADD over to her brother.

Zexysi was just as tall as her brother, but where she was tall, lean, and lithe with a buxom figure, Tinsero Inebray was wide, stocky, and muscled, like many Orion males, though shorter than most males of his species.

“Did you manage to get the transponder turned off?” Zexysi asked as she sank down into the copilot seat. Piloting the runabout was Miluz Tejera. The big Orion male was everything one expected of his gender and species, strong back and weak mind. He was the dumb muscle of this outfit. But then Zexysi thought that of most males -- except her brother. Tinsero was a genius. What he lacked in the traditional male aggressiveness he made up for with intelligence. He was strong -- he couldn’t help to be with his build -- but the things he could do with a computer were amazing.

“Transponder is off,” Tinsero said. “We’ve been flying clear since we passed through the Hromi Nebula, Zexy.”

“Good. I can’t wait for this mission to be over, Tin,” Zexysi sighed. “Crazy enough to steal from a Federation starship. It’s just batshit to kidnap the captain! We don’t need them following us.”

Zexysi caught Miluz’s eye looking at her sidelong. “Yes. I called her batshit,” she said, though she lowered her voice at the end and glanced down the central corridor toward the living area of the runabout. “We stole a freaking Starfleet runabout!”

Miluz grunted. “The shuttle wouldn’t start.”

“That’s the damn Ferengi’s fault,” Zexysi said.

“Would you rather have gotten nabbed, Zexy?” Tinsero asked mildly. He handed the PADD back to Zexysi.

“No, but…” Zexysi sighed. “None of this was the plan,” she said quietly. “She didn’t seem to even care about the medical supplies we were supposed to grab. She went straight for the captain.” She glanced over at Miluz again. “Mind your own business, male,” she ordered him.

Miluz grunted, but put his eyes back on the instrument panel and the vastness of warp space. He was male, so he would obey, but Zexysi knew her authority was...minimal.

Tinsero started to get up, and Zexysi put a hand on his broad chest and pushed him back down. “I’ll give her the report,” she said. “I don’t want you near her. She’s already too much in your head.” She gave Tinsero a kiss on the forehead and headed for the common room at the back of the runabout.

As Zexysi drew close, the powerful scent of Deneia Tejera wafted over her. The young Orion shuddered, feeling the arousal and subversion of will, but she pushed back. As a female herself, she was mostly immune, but Zexyshi had never met such an alpha female as Deneia Tejera. Certainly her own aunt Matriarch Inebray hadn’t lasted long before she submitted to the returned Tejera, who took over the combined Inebray-Tejara pirate clan. There was still a lot of tension between the two, but now the favor rested with the Tejeras, and Zexysi found herself forced into working for the Matriarch.

“Are you going to stand in the corridor all evening?” came a purring voice, and Zexysi inhaled and stepped into the common room. Deneia Tejera didn’t look a day over thirty despite the fact she was over fifty. Where Zexysi still wore a practical tactical suit, Deneia had discarded hers in favor of the comfort of nudity in the absence of her usual Tholian silk gowns. Deneia lounged on the bench seat sipping on some Orion wine from the replicator.

At Deneia’s feet sat the largest Orion Zexyshi had ever seen. The male Deneia called Tan had grown his hair out, short and black, unusual for male Orions. He still wore only the black shorts and tank top he wore when they found him sleeping in his quarters. But he sat there with docility as Deneia stroked her fingers through his hair. His dark eyes were unfocused, a clear indication that he was completely under the spell of Deneia’s pheromones. Zexyshi had heard of such tales, of alpha females so powerful their pheromones were addictive drugs.

But the large Orion’s docility did nothing to erase from Zexysi’s memory the violence she’d witnessed him perform on the Nightingale when they’d been surprised by that security officer. Orion males were known for their aggressiveness, but Zexysi had never seen one in such a rage, only at a soft word from Deneia. He’d ripped the security officer’s arm off and beat him to death with it.

Zexysi suppressed a shudder. Maybe the civilized clans back on Orion were right, and the traditional clans out here were barbarians. It certainly reiterated her own plans for her and Tinsero to go independent. She just had to keep her brother from falling under Deneia’s sway.

“I completed the inventory,” Zexysi said. “We...have a problem.”

Deneia scowled, and Zexysi took an involuntary step backward as Tan stood up menacingly. Zexysi knew she could handle Miluz. She wasn’t so sure about this new Orion.

“I do not like problems, Zexy,” Deneia said.

“I’m sorry,” Zexysi apologized. “I can fence the traditional medicines we stole. That is easy enough. A lot of good street value there. The problem is the ryetalin.”

“What is the problem? Ryetalin is worth its weight in latinum.”

“Yes,” Zyexsi agreed, “but it is also required to be specially processed. Each batch gets made with a special molecular code embedded within. It’s very easily traceable, highly regulated, and therefore a lot of my usual contacts won’t touch it for any amount of money. It’s entirely not worth getting put in a penal colony.”

Deneia glowered, and Zexysi had to remind herself that the woman had just recently escaped such a Federation detention. She wondered just how the older Orion had managed that.

“But,” Zexysi hurried on, “I do know someone who can move it. He’s just farther out of our way than you intended.”


“Hacar Ghirla,” Zexysi said. “He’s a Cardassian.”

“Long way away from Cardassia,” Deneia said.

“Yes, which is why I think he will take the ryetalin. He had a pretty good operation out that way until Moia Ilmater suddenly came back from the dead, or wherever she’s been the past decade.”

Deneia growled. “I can’t believe that Cardassian bitch is back.”

Zexysi nodded. “Since Moia started taking over her old Alpha Quadrant operations, Hadar was convinced his long term survival chances depended on relocating. He’s set up shop in the Azure Nebula on an abandoned asteroid mining operation. It’s a No Man’s Land where the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan borders converge, and as they say, business is all about location, location, location.”

“And Enrily Graeca is just letting him?” Deneia queried.

Zexysi just shrugged. “The entire black market is in flux since Turvan got axed. Old players are returning from the dead, Graeca was always conservative, and he’s taken some hits recently. He’s more worried about Moia squeezing on his territory...and now you.”

Deneia smiled. “It is good to be feared,” she purred, caressing Tan’s muscled chest.

“So do you want to change course?” Zexysi asked.

“Yes, yes,” Deneia said. “Find this Hacar, sell that ryetalin. I have what I wanted.” She smiled, and her hand slid down into Tan’s shorts. The big Orion turned and kissed the smaller female deeply as she pulled his arousal from his shorts. Zexysi felt her own need rising and wondered momentarily if she could drag Miluz back to the bunk with her. Leaving Deneia properly distracted with her new toy, Zexysi headed forward once more.

Word Count: 1312


Zexysi Inebray
Orion grifter and thief

Tinsero Inebray
Orion hacker

Miluz Tejera
Orion muscle

Deneia Tejera
Orion matriarch

Captain Tan’ato Tejera
Commanding Officer
USS Nightingale


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