Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2023 @ 3:42pm by Commander Neomi Verrill & Captain Tan'ato Tejera

Mission: The Times of Our Lives
Location: Neomi's quarters

Tan’ato stopped in the corridor outside of Neomi’s room. He wore simple black beach pants and a black t-shirt stretched tightly over his muscled torso. It was a bit late, but he knew his XO had just gotten through with the hand off to gamma shift. It was a little unorthodox, but then the ship had returned to minimal staffing after the resolution of the current crisis. Tan pressed the chime, hoping he wasn’t waking Neomi.

Having just returned from the gym and taken a shower, Neomi quickly finished dressing and went to the door to see who would be seeking her attention this time of the night. When she saw it was the captain, she said, "Captain, what can I do for you?" and headed towards the replicator, making it clear he could come in.

Tan’ato ducked his head and entered Neomi’s quarters, turning his shoulders a bit to fit through. He watched Neomi appreciatively as she walked across the room.

“Sorry to bother you so late, Commander,” he said. “I just thought perhaps we should touch base now that the crisis is over.”

"Didn't we already do a debriefing with the crew earlier?" she asked. "Can I get you anything? I'm having a glass of wine myself."

“Wine is fine,” Tan replied. “We did do the debriefing,” he continued. “You didn’t say much. I guess I thought I’d just get your take on these Black Orchids and what happened.”

She grabbed an empty glass from a nearby shelf and put it on the table in front of the empty chair. Sitting down again, she tried to adjust to the difference between on duty and off duty. She'd never really spend time with colleagues or even superior officers off duty. "I didn't have much else to add to the debriefing that hadn't been said already."

“Fair enough,” Tan’ato said, sitting and filling their glasses. “I thought it went well, considering. I wish we hadn’t lost people, though.” He picked up his glass, which looked so small in his massive hand, and sipped it. “Good vintage,” he said, surprised. “I got a couple of bottles of the Rowa’ni wine during the sweep of the camp,” he admitted.

She raised an eyebrow with a smile. She loved a good glass of wine. "I'd love to assist you in tasting it. Give me a call when you plan to open it."

“I can retrieve it, if you want to try it,” Tan offered, shifting in his seat as if to get up. “They say it’s very special.”

"Perhaps next time, I'll stick with this one for now." she said as she sipped her glass. "It's never good to loose people," Neomi stared in her glass as she said that. She'd tried to put her feeling off, but she couldn't do that this occasion. Maybe because she felt guilty because she should have prevented it as XO.