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First Contact Day

Posted on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 @ 12:25pm by Ensign Frederick Washington XXXVII & Chief Petty Officer Xoán (John) Rocha

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: Deck 4/Flo’s Lounge
Timeline: MD 0/1900

Freddy waved down the server. “Another screwdriver,” the dark-skinned Human ensign said. “Don’t look at me like that.” He pushed the three empty glasses toward the server, who collected them.

“Yes, sir.”

Freddy fell back against the seat again and looked at the padd beside him again, then stared out the window forlornly.

"How can you drink that stuff?" Xoan asked the younger man as he approached his table with a glass of orujo de hierbas in his hand.

Freddy looked up at the older petty officer and shrugged. “I like orange drinks,” he said. “And vodka.” He looked at the drink in the man’s hand. “And what’s that?” he asked. “Any good? Is it strong?” He waved to the server again. “I’ll have what he’s having, too!” he called out. Freddy definitely appeared well on his way to being drunk.

"Orujo de hierbas. It’s a drink from my birthplace, it's a herb flavoured liqueur made from grape pressings," Xoan said.

“Any good?” The server returned with another of the drinks, and Freddy sipped it. “Because I am looking to get completely shit-faced tonight,” he admitted.

"Yes, and it's smoother than vodka." Xoan replied. "Any particular reason you want to get shit-faced?" he asked.

“It’s First Contact Day this week,” Freddy said darkly. “It’s a hard week for me.” He poured another shot of vodka. “I’m from Mars,” he told Xoan before tossing back the vodka.

"I'm sorry. Who did you lose?" Xoan asked. The operations officer remembered the rogue synth attack well. He was at Starfleet Intelligence in San Francisco at the time. Xoan, along with several others, had the unenviable task of sorting through Mars comm traffic to work out what had happened.

“My parents,” Freddy said. “Lots of extended family. The core of the family business, so lots of friends and people I grew up with. My sisters and I were off world at the time.” Freddy poured another shot of vodka. “So this is a tough week every year.”

"I'm not going tell you I know what you're going through, because I don't," Xoan said. "But if you ever want to talk, I've been told, I'm a good listener," he added.

Freddy smiled wryly. “Pretty sure I’ve talked to enough counselors about it,” he said. “But thank you. I’ll just get stone cold drunk tonight, maybe all week, but I’ll be fine next week,” he assured Xoan. “It’s the same every year. Everyone has their fun, and I hole up in my quarters with a fifth of vodka.” He tossed another shot back. “Shit. I have to call my sisters,” he said. “They always want a call on First Contact Day,” he said with a sigh.

"Okay, then I'll just drink with you then," Xoan said.

Freddy smiled. “Drinking mates, then,” he said, lifting his glass and clicking it against Xoan’s. “Thanks.”

Word count: 480


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