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Working Out the Tension

Posted on Sun Sep 19th, 2021 @ 11:15am by 1st Lieutenant Shel sh’Tai’osi & Warrant Officer Mercy Ryan

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: Deck 5/Marine Country/Gym
Timeline: MD -3 0600

Mercy began her warm up as she waited for 1st Lieutenant sh’Tai’osi arrive.

Shel walked into the Marine training room, pulling her white hair up into a ponytail. She wore a standard Marine workout uniform of tight athletic shorts and a sports bra, both in black, with a Marine emblem over her left breast. The black spandex looked striking against her blue skin.

“Thank you for agreeing to this,” Shel told Mercy. As the SARS medical corpsman, her combat training wasn’t as high as some of the others, so she liked to keep up. She settled in beside Mercy to do her warm up stretches.

"No problem, El-Tee," Mercy said. "I'm happy to have a workout partner. It’s been a while since I was in the Corps, so I'm just getting reacquainted," the warrant officer explained.

“Please. Rank doesn’t mean anything here,” Shel said. “Besides, I’m just your medical corpsman and a nurse.” She stretched some more. “What do you want to do first?” she asked.

"Once we're warmed up, I was thinking some judo throws. CQC is very useful in a jam," Mercy said.

“Then I’m your woman,” Shel said with a smile. She came over to help Mercy with a few stretches that required a partner. “You certainly are in shape,” she complimented, the workout gear certainly leaving little to the imagination.

"Thanks. I usually act as overwatch, which involves a lot of climbing and running around, so I have to keep fit. You don't look too bad yourself," Mercy replied

Shel smiled. “Well, Marine training does that,” she admitted. “And it helps me get to the wounded quicker. Plus, well, I just like to look good,” she admitted with a laugh. Not that her romantic life was anything to call home about.

“So who is getting thrown first?” Shel asked.

"I don't mind being thrown first. It will give me a chance to rate your form," Mercy said.

Shel nodded. She set herself in a defensive stance, and then stepped in to clutch with Mercy, rotating and throwing the other woman using her hip as leverage.

Mercy put out her hands to absorb some of the impact as she hit the mat.

Rising to her feet, she said. "Good form, especially the hip roll," Mercy said. "The point is to use as little energy as possible, and to use your opponent's strength against them."

Shel nodded. “Guess it’s my turn,” she said, her antennae shifting position as she prepared to attack Mercy. She stepped forward and grabbed at the other woman.

Mercy grabbed Shel's right arm with her own, held it up, while her other arm wrapped around the Andorian's neck to control her head. She then moved, showing her back to her opponent, before flipping the medic over her shoulder to land at her feet. The Marine sniper then reached out her hand to help Shel to her feet.

Shel grunted as she hit the mat, but she’d done this often enough to know how to land safely. She clasped Mercy’s hand and got hauled to her feet, stumbling a bit so she had to fall against the other Marine to catch herself. “Sorry,” she said, looking into Mercy’s dark eyes with embarrassment.

"It's okay," Mercy said with a smile. "I don't mind attractive women falling into my arms."

Shel returned the smile. “Is that so?” she asked, not bothering to move back. “I wish I were attractive when I was all hot and sweaty from working out.”

"There's always a shower, if that makes you feel better," Mercy said. "And if you like, I could even wash your back."

Shel chuckled. “That does sound enticing,” she said, her antennae moving with interest. She moved to a more appropriate personal space with Mercy. “You sure it won’t make things awkward?” She didn’t want to ruin team cohesion.

"Perhaps," Mercy said. "It could be fun, but I won't do anything if you're not sure about it," she added.

Shel smiled. “Fuck it,” she said. “You only live once.” She stepped up and pulled Mercy into a kiss.

Mercy returned the kiss, finding Shel's lips pleasantly cool as her hands explored the Andorian's curves.

Shel’s hands liberally roamed Mercy’s curves as well, brushing over her breasts in their athletic bra as their tongues entwined. Finally she pulled a bit back, staring into her fellow Marine’s eyes. “I suppose we should move this little bit of sparring exercise to somewhere someone won’t walk in on us,” she said with amusement.

"Lead the way," Mercy said, licking her lips.

“Your place or mine?” Shel asked, heading for the exit from the gym. They weren’t far from the Marine quarters.

"Mine, I have wine," Mercy said.

Shel smiled. “Wine is good,” she said, grabbing a couple towels so they could wipe off the sweat as they walked down the corridor.

As they walked Mercy found herself intoxicated by the Andorian’s beauty and poise.

When they got into Mercy’s quarters, Shel turned to look at her fellow Marine. “Let’s get out of these sweaty clothes,” she said, stepping up to Mercy to remove the Human’s top. “Should we grab a shower?” Her cool lips kissed along Mercy’s jaw, her antennae curving to brush against the Human’s forehead. Andorians often touched antennae when they were intimate, so Shel felt the lack.

Mercy reached up and gently brushed Shel's right antenna. As she did so, she could feel the other woman's emotions; excitement, happiness and joy were that most prevalent and matched her own.

Mercy broke the kiss long enough only for them to remove each other's remaining clothes. She then took Shel's hand and led her to the bathroom.

Shel followed Mercy, stepping into the shower with her once the hot water was going, the water plastering down her white hair. She ran her fingers into Mercy’s brown hair as she kissed her fellow Marine again.

Mercy explored Shel's body with her fingers.


Word count: 990


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