Dinner Date

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 10:33am by Ensign Frederick Washington XXXVII & Ensign Jenna Twycroft

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: Freddy's quarters
Timeline: MD -1 2000

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror. "I'll do," she commented as she made a few adjustments to her hair, satisfied that her look for the evening was dignified, yet sexy. You could never go wrong with a black dress, and the one she had chosen fitted her svelte body perfectly, clinging to every curve in just the right place. Hopefully, Freddy would approve.

Freddy looked to make sure everything was ready. He was a junior officer, so his quarters were small. He had a roommate, and they shared a common room with another pair of ensigns, but Freddy had begged them to disappear for the evening. At least his roommate was working this shift, so he didn’t have to worry about that, and the other two had promised to stay in their room or spend the evening at Flo’s.

Freddy had a table set up, and a side table where he had done the cooking. No replicated meal for tonight. He returned to his room and checked himself in the mirror one last time. He wore black slacks and a purple shirt with a black tie. He added a bit more cologne and then went out to open the wine and let it breathe.

Arriving at Freddy's quarters, Jenna reached out to tap the door chime, feeling ridiculously nervous all of a sudden as she waited for him to answer.

The door swept open and Freddy stood there smiling. He held a single red rose, which he offered to Jenna. “Thank you for coming,” he said, stepping aside so she could enter. “It’s no senior officer quarters, but we should be good for the evening,” he assured. “You look...amazing,” he said, running his eyes over Jenna.

"So do you." Jenna beamed as she took the rose and sniffed it. "Thank you. I adore flowers." Then she sniffed the air and added, "And something smells great."

“I’ll remember that then,” Freddy said with a smile. “And that smell is my grandmother’s brisket,” he said. “With garlic cheddar mashed potatoes, broccoli in a lemon sauce, and barbecue baked beans. Some sweet Hawaiian rolls with fresh butter, too. And for dessert, pecan chocolate pie.” He pulled a chair out for Jenna. “Can I start you with some wine?” he asked. “Or a cocktail?”

"A glass of red, please," Jenna replied. "And that menu sounds to die for," she added as she took a seat, sneaking a look at Freddy as she did so. She was still in awe of the fact that he could even remotely be attracted to her. The man was gorgeous and far more to die for than any menu.

“I am glad you approve,” Freddy said with a smile, retrieving the pinot noir and pouring them both a glass before producing a plate of bruschetta for them as appetizers. Then he sat across from her just staring at Jenna’s loveliness.

"Do I have something on my nose?" Jenna asked as she watched him staring at her, her own gaze devouring him in just the same way.

Freddy blushed. “No,” he said quickly. “I just...sorry for staring. You’re just so lovely this evening,” he told her, clearing away the appetizers to bring out the brisket and sides. He refilled the wine. “How was your day?” he asked, trying some small talk.

"Pretty uneventful, to be honest," Jenna replied. "Plus time seemed to crawl by because all I wanted was to get off duty so that we could start this date." She smiled at him, feeling deliciously desirable under his gaze.

Freddy chuckled. “I hope I didn’t oversell!” he said. “I had a good day. This beautiful ensign in security needed my services, and, well, I was more than happy to help!” he said with a handsome smile as they settled into the meal. “I think she was totally into me.”

"Really?" Jenna grinned, "Do I need to worry about this woman?" she feigned ignorance.

“Maybe,” Freddy said. “I’m not sure what her intentions are, but I’m really tempted,” he admitted with a smile. “She makes me feel all warm inside, and... “ He blushed. “I can’t stop thinking of her.:

"Well then, that's fortunate, because I'm sure that she feels the same way," Jenna replied, feeling breathless as the electricity of their attraction crackled between them.

“Does she?” Freddy stared into Jenna’s eyes. He let his foot touch hers. “I’m not so sure sometimes. She hasn’t called me back yet. How long should I wait to call her? Should I invite her to dinner or something?”

"Definitely invite her to dinner..." Jenna swallowed hard then added "Or something. I think she'll definitely be up for that."

“Well, thank you for your advice,” Freddy said with a grin. “It’s so nice of you that you’re not threatened by another girl.” He chuckled. “Let me get dinner.”

He got up and went to the stasis warmer where he’d kept dinner ready after making it on the heating panels he’d gotten from Operations. The scent of the brisket and garlic cheddar mashed potatoes filled the room, then the broccoli in lemon sauce and baked beans, and finally the hot Hawaiian rolls and fresh butter. Freddy laid out the table and then refilled the wine.

"Oh, my goodness, Freddy, this looks amazing!" Jenna gushed, looked at the food, and heard a loud rumble from her tummy, causing her to blush a deep colour of scarlet. "My tummy thinks so too," she added with a nervous giggle.

Freddy beamed at the praise. “I hope your tummy enjoys it,” he said. He waited for her to start eating before he began. “How was your Risa leave?” he asked her. “Do anything fun?” He tried not to imagine her lying on a beach in a bikini, because that would just blow his brain.

"I spent most of it by the pool." she smiled at him, "Doing absolutely nothing other than sunbathing and swimming. It was divine. What about you?"

Okay, now Freddy had to kickstart his brain again, just imagining Jenna sunbathing. “Um, some of that,” he said. “I took a couple jet ski tours, and even went into the city a couple times. Some nice nightclubs and museums. I didn’t try jamaharon, though,” he said quickly, blushing.

"Oh! Me neither." Jenna hastily added, going equally as beetroot red as Freddy as she giggled nervously.

“Not that I wasn’t offered,” Freddy said. “I mean, tempting, but…” He looked across the table at Jenna. “I just thought…” And then he leaned over the table to kiss her.

Melting into the kiss, Jenna sighed happily, and was lost for a moment before pulling back and asking breathily, "You thought what?"

“I thought I would rather it be with you,” Freddy said, embarrassed, but still meeting Jenna’s eyes, breathless from the kiss, even though it had only been for a moment. His entire body was tingling with the excitement of it.

"I would have liked that," Jenna replied, swallowing hard as her entire world centred on the man before her.

“Really?” Freddy asked. “I mean...we’re still in orbit. And I can make a mean omelet in the morning,” he suggested. Bold. Going out on a limb.

Jenna blushed deeply, but at the same time felt suddenly brave as she blurted out, "I'm game if you are. And I love omelettes."

Freddy got up from his seat and came around the table, pulling Jenna up and against him, gazing into her eyes before he kissed her again, this time letting loose the passion he felt for her into the kiss.

"Wow..." Jenna gasped as they finally came up for air. "We should have kissed like this a long time ago." She rested her forehead against his chin and sighed happily as her hands roamed over his broad back.

Freddy smiled. “I agree,” he said. “And it doesn’t have to stop,” he murmured, brushing his lips along Jenna’s ear as his hands caressed her sides.

"I'm glad you said that," Jenna replied, as she too began to explore him.

Freddy groaned, his hands sliding lower, cupping Jenna’s firm backside, lifting her as he kissed her, his other hand sweeping the table clear with a clatter of dinnerware before setting Jenna on it and searching for the fastener of her dress.

Jenna giggled nervously, but was equally swept up in the moment as she helped Freddy gain access as best she could.

Jenna’s dress slid from her body to pool at her feet, and Freddy stared at her gorgeous form as he shrugged out of his jacket. “You are so amazingly gorgeous…” he breathed.

"So are you," Jenna replied as she helped him out of his shirt, running a hand over his bare torso in admiration. The man was truly something to behold.

Freddy reveled at Jenna’s touch on his bare skin. He tugged the dress off of her body as she lay on the table he had swept clear. He captured her mouth again in a searing kiss as he felt the soft, smooth skin of her stomach against his, his strong hands sliding up to play over her bra-covered breasts as their tongues danced together.

"Make love to me," Jenna breathed, wanting him more than she had ever wanted anything in her entire life.

Freddy’s answer was to sweep Jenna up and carry her into the adjoining bedroom he shared. The dress on the floor and the mess of the table would be enough to warn his roommate away for the night.


Jenna let out a deep, contented sigh as she lay in Freddy's arms. "That was...I mean...I don't think I've ever felt like this ever." She lifted her head a little to look at him.

Freddy smiled up at Jenna, her pale shoulder against his dark skin. He brushed back her hair as he stared into her eyes, still breathing hard from the exertion of their lovemaking, the sheets mussed around them as they lay in his bunk.

“Me either,” he said, kissing Jenna. “That’s a good thing, right?” he asked her. “I was okay?” He blushed.

"Oh, much better than okay." Jenna grinned. "Trust me...that was epic," she added with a contented sigh, snuggling closer as if it were even possible.

Freddy chuckled. “Good,” he said, caressing Jenna’s back. “I thought I might be out of practice.”

"Has it been a long time for you?" Jenna asked as she ran a hand over his muscular chest.

“Well, yes,” Freddy admitted. “I haven’t really had time for dating. For a while I was running Ops. And then...well, there was you, so I wasn’t looking. So you could say maybe a year.”

Jenna nodded before nervously admitting, "I've only ever...uh...just once before, and that was at the Academy." She blushed furiously as she spoke.

Freddy smiled, caressing a strand of Jenna’s hair from her face. “You were perfect,” he assured her, kissing her softly. He’d had his fair share of girlfriends. A handsome man with money had no trouble getting companionship. But that had dwindled when he’d decided to join Starfleet and now live off his family name. “Stay the night?” he asked her softly. Of course, his suitemates might have an issue with that, but they could deal with it.

"I'd love to." Jenna nodded, warmth spreading through her at the thought that he wanted her to stay. After all, most men wouldn't want that at this stage of a relationship.

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