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Pirates and Princesses, Chapter 1

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 12:06pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Hayden Ahlgren & Commander Alexis Tiva

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: MD -3/1600

Alex roared as he lunged towards a hulk of a man just yards from where he had just boarded the 'Bloody Hangman'. Paid to save a woman he knew nothing about for the promise of untold gold, he ran forward, sword raised, intent on engaging the enemy. Steel clashed with steel as he made contact, the old sea dog seemingly having seen it all before. "Where is she?" Alex demanded as their swords locked and the other man's superior strength began to push him backwards.

"I'll not be tellin' the likes of ye, that's fer sure, matey." The man laughed at him as they finally disengaged and began circling for another attack.

The rest of Alex's crew were rapidly boarding the ship and the deck was awash with flashes of metal as fight after fight broke out amongst the rigging and masts of the seventeenth century Spanish style galleon.

Bound in the captain’s cabin, Hayden -- or Tiendra, as she was known in her holodeck adventures -- struggled against her bonds. Her armor had been taken, stacked in the corner, her clothes torn in the fight to capture her, so she wore only torn and bloody undergarments. Currently she worked a small blade she had palmed that she usually kept up in her hair, working on sawing the ropes holding her.

Up on deck, Alex felled yet another of the pirates and was gradually carving the way through the crew towards the middle of the ship and the access to get inside. Convinced that his damsel was probably being kept 'safe' by the captain, he knew where to go, the problem was getting there.

"I'll not let ye get any further," a gruff voice said from behind Alex, causing him to whirl, sword ready to fight.

"Is that so?" Alex quipped as he lunged forward, engaging once again into battle.

“Aye!” the pirate captain retorted, knocking Alex’s sword off line and riposting. “That elf wench is worth ‘er weight in gold, she is!” His heavy cutlass slashed at Alex in a complicated attack.

In the captain’s quarters, Hayden worked through the rope binding her wrists. She sagged with a sigh, her hands aching, then set about untying the rest of the ropes.

"That elf happens to belong to me," Alex shot back as he dodged the cutlass and regrouped for another attack. "And I intend it to stay that way," he added, knowing he'd probably get a swift kick in the ankle if the elf in question overheard him right now.

“Hah! I’ll be havin’ that gold, sirrah, an’ maybe a piece o’ that elf on the side!” the pirate captain asserted, meeting Alex’s attack with his cutlass.

Finally free, Hayden snatched up her rapier and dagger, no time to put on her armor. She kicked open the door to find the main deck of the ship embroiled in a melee. She pushed her rapier through one pirate that got in her way, looking around for the captain that had taken such liberties with her, her torn and bloody clothes pulled immodestly by the wind, her blonde hair blowing to expose her pointed ears.

"I, uh...wouldn't be too sure about that," Alex replied as he spotted the subject of their discussion appear and dispatched a pirate without a second thought. He pointed with his sword behind the captain.

“Argh! That scurvy wench!” the captain growled, distracted enough for a moment that Alex could run him through.

Tiendra/Hayden rushed for one of the boats so she could escape the pirate ship and found herself confronted by another man with a bloody sword. She fell into a stance, her own rapier clashing against Alex’s.

“Out of my way, pirate,” she warned. “I’ve killed men for less.” She glared at him defiantly, standing there in her ripped, bloody clothing that barely stayed on her lush figure, ready to fight him for her freedom.

"Oh, I'm sure of it." Alex grinned as he held his ground. "And I'm not a least not one of the bad guys," he added, gesturing to her as he added, "I'm here to save you." Then he chuckled and added, "But I'm not sure that you needed saving."

“You look like a pirate,” Tiendra said, glaring, her sword still held threateningly. “How did you even know I was here? Who I am?” If he did know her, he might just want the bounty her family put on her, just like these pirates.

"I have connections," Alex replied. "A friend of mine saw this ship set sail and saw what cargo was taken aboard...including you," he explained, "Apparently, you didn't go quietly. And I'm a sucker for making wrongs right." He shrugged. "My friend was right, you were here against your will."

Tiendra sniffed. “Well, as you can see, I am perfectly fine,” she said with typical elven haughtiness, standing there barely clothed. Then the ship lurched, and she stumbled into Alex’s chest, as the fighting around them started to wrap up.

Alex instinctively caught her and held her in his grasp as he said, "Yes, you look perfectly fine." He met her gaze and added, "However, would you like some help getting off this ship?"

Tiendra, pressed against Alex’s chest, looked up at him with her elven eyes. “I suppose you could show me the way to shore,” she said haughtily. “And find me some clothes.” She hefted her armor and gear and righted herself to stand on her own, unused to the roll of a ship.

"Yes, ma'am." Alex nodded. "Though there aren't exactly many ladies around here, you know. You might need to settle for a dead pirate’s kit."

Tiendra scowled. “I guess I will make do,” she said. “As long as it’s practical and I can move in it. Lead on.”

Alex gave a flourishing bow and grinned as he said "Yes, m'Lady." He headed for the side of the ship before turning to her and asking, "I hope that you can swim?"

“I can,” Tiendra said, tying her ruined shirt closed so she wasn’t exposing herself more than she had to. “Let’s get out of here.”

"You'll get no argument from me there." Alex climbed up onto the rail and removed his shirt as he looked down into the turquoise blue ocean below then out to the tiny island that was the closest land in sight. Reaching out a hand to help Tiendra up, he said, "Shall we?"

Tiendra eyed the waters, and then nodded, taking a dive into the warm water below, executing it perfectly and starting for shore with long, sure strokes. Once she reached the shore, she dropped her bundle of gear. Her shirt was obviously soaked, and clung to her curves and nearly transparent, doing little to hide what was underneath as she leaned over and rung out her blonde hair.

Alex had swiftly followed and strode out of the water behind her, his eyes never leaving her as he shook off the water then flopped down on the white sand for a rest. "So what next, princess?" he asked with a grin.

Tiendra glared at Alex as she rung out her hair. “Haven’t been a princess for a long time, despite what my parents want,” she said. “What was the story they told you to get you to come after me?” she demanded. “And where is that change of clothes? Where are we now? Did I just go from being a pirate captive to marooned on a deserted island?”

"Rumour has it that you have a map," Alex commented as he walked to a nearby palm tree and stamped on the ground a bit until there was a hollow thud. He crouched down and began shovelling the sand out of the way to reveal a wooden trap doo., "So have you?" He looked up at her before opening the trap door and revealing a stash of goodies, including clothes, weapons, and a glint of gold.

Tiendra eyed Alex warily. “I do,” she said. “And the map is mine. So is the treasure at the end,” she said. “I worked hard to get it.” She finally walked over to the stash and eyed the cache. She pulled out an old men’s shirt and pair of trousers. “They’ll do.”

Tiendra laid her armor out in the sun to dry. She would have to oil it later, along with her weapons. She turned her back to Alex and peeled off her torn, soaked shirt, revealing a back of perfectly smooth skin, and just a hint of the side of her breast as she wriggled out of the equally ruined pants she wore.

Alex crossed his arms and leaned up against a palm tree as he watched her, a huge grin spreading across his face. "So, not even going to contemplate a partner then?"

“I’m not sure what you would bring to the party to help me get the treasure,” Tiendra stated, looking back over her bare shoulder at Alex before pulling on the men’s shirt that had been buried in the hole. It was a bit musty, but it would do.

"Oh, I don't know, an extra pair of hands and eyes," Alex began. "Some brute strength. Oh, and this.” He reached into his trouser pocket and extracted something which he held up. In his hand was a large iron key. "If my sources are correct, this is the only thing that's going to unlock the chest containing your treasure, m'lady."

Tiendra turned with surprise. “Where did you find that?” she demanded. “I have been searching all over for the key! Give it!” She held out her hand insistently.

"Nu-uh-uh." Alex shook his head and held the key out of her reach. "It's mine. So are we business partners or not?" He held out his free hand for her to shake.

Tiendra scowled. Then she delicately took Alex’s hand and pressed up close to him, letting his hand brush over her breast through her shirt as she looked up at him with large, blue, elven eyes. “If it gets me what I want,” she said breathily, her other hand surreptitiously going for the key as she distracted him with her feminine wiles.

"Nice try, sweetheart." Alex grinned as he gripped the key tighter. "Like it or not, you're stuck with me," he added as he pulled her close.

Tiendra gave her best elven glower. “Fine,” she sniffed, pushing him away. “We should be moving then.” She turned and marched into the forest, pausing to look back at him. “You coming?”

"Thought you'd never ask." Alex grinned wolfishly as he followed her, checking her out as she walked ahead. Thinking that she was the most gorgeous 'elf' that he'd ever seen.

Word count: 1790


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