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Security Mysteries: Starfleet Murders

Posted on Thu Mar 25th, 2021 @ 12:51pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Rosa Mendez & Ensign Jenna Twycroft

Mission: Tempus Fugit
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 5 1700

The turbolift doors opened, and Rosa and Jenna stepped out. The corridor ahead had been taped off, the first of the three crime scenes scattered throughout the ship. Rosa nodded to the security officers posted there watching, and one raised the tape for the two ladies to enter. She stopped, standing over the body of a Human male in Security yellow lying in a pool of dried blood soaked into the corridor carpet.

“That’s a big mess,” Rosa commented as she pulled out her tricorder to begin scanning. “What do you think?” Jenna, though younger, technically was the superior officer in charge, so Rosa let her take the lead. She brushed back her dark hair.

"I can never get over how much blood there is," Jenna mused as she looked down at the lifeless corpse. "And I don't think that I'll ever get over seeing death like this," she added. "Huh...I guess I must have seen stuff like this before," she commented, having realised what she'd just said even though she had no memory of anything much really.

“It’s tough,” Rosa had to agree. “Luckily it isn’t every day. Unfortunately, he’s one of ours.” Rosa knelt down and lifted the body slightly, just enough to scan his comm badge. “Petty Officer Third Kurt Hogan. Did you know him?” Rosa asked. She was new to the crew since Risa, and so didn’t know everyone in Security.

"Beats me." Jenna shrugged. "For all I know we could have been dating and I wouldn't have a clue," she added as she walked around the body, automatically surveying the crime scene as her training kicked in despite the amnesia.

“Well, we could scan you for any of his residual DNA,” Rosa said with a wry chuckle. “This is likely what killed him,” she mused, indicating the slash across his throat and the blood spilled over the front of his shirt. “Obviously can’t be sure until an autopsy, but people don’t survive that.”

"Agreed." Jenna nodded, then pointed to the walls. "Splatter marks." She walked up to the wall to inspect the blood and nodded, "Well, we know that they definitely died right here, and I'm guessing the direction of these blood stains fit with the fact they were facing that way when they died, "Whoever did this snuck up behind."

“Why, though?” Rosa wondered, finishing the scans of the scene. If they needed to, they could recreate it in the holodeck. “On to the next one? Let Medical clean up the scene?”

"I think so." Jenna nodded. "How many are there in total?" she asked, not sure she wanted to be looking at so much death all day.

“Three crew, and two unknowns in the shuttle bay,” Rosa said. “A Ferengi and a Nausicaan. No idea how or why they were on board yet, but likely connected with that strange shuttle they were found beside.”

"Has anyone started working on it yet? To try and ascertain its origin?" Jenna asked as she walked towards the next poor unfortunate soul. "The shuttle, I mean."

“Engineering is supposed to be working on it,” Rosa said. “Obviously, they’ve got a lot on their plate too, with checking on other systems. The computer lockout, if there was a technical reason for this damned amnesia,” Rosa said, shaking her head as hey took the lift to the the next location. It was far from the first.

This body was cleaner, showing disruptor burns. “This should have set off internal sensors if they used an energy weapon,” Rosa said with a frown, surveying the taped off area. “Can you get a reading on the type of weapon?”

Jenna tinkered with her tricorder, her brow furrowing with concentration as she examined the energy signature left behind on the body. "I think..." she whistled. "I mean, I have no idea if this is right, because it's really degraded, but I think it was a Romulan disruptor."

Rosa nodded. “That’s what I’m getting, too,” she said, checking her own readings. This scene was pretty clean, so they moved on to the next.

In the turbolift up to the scene of the third crew murder, Rosa looked over at Jenna. “What do each of these murders have in common?” she asked. “The Starfleet ones, at least.” Something was clicking in Rosa’s head, even though they hadn’t examined the third scene yet. “They’re each in Section E of their decks. Why? Coincidence?”

"But what possible reason would there be behind that?" Jenna frowned, trying to see a pattern, but coming up empty.

“All these sections are rather central to the ship,” Rosa mused as they stepped out of the lift and walked to the third murder scene.

This one was a lot more gruesome. Rosa had seen a lot, but there was a lot of blood everywhere. There had definitely been a fight.

“Madre de Dios,” Rosa murmured, instinctively crossing herself. The victim’s face was beaten to a pulp. There was no way they were going to get a visual ID. And his arm had been completely ripped off.

Rosa pulled on a fresh pair of gloves and plucked the crewman’s comm badge off to get identification. “What the hell happened here?”

"Someone really didn't like him," Jenna replied grimly as she took in the scene which was normally just reserved for a horror movie. "Who is he?" She gestured to the combadge.

“Eric Rodriguez,” Rosa said, reading the badge with her tricorder. “Engineering.” She looked up and frowned. “Is that panel loose?” she asked Jenna, indicating an access hatch near the body.

"Sure is." Jenna nodded as she stooped down and removed the panel, peering inside.

Inside there was...something.

“That...doesn’t look like it should be there,” Rosa said over Jenna’s shoulder, staring at the round device. It had a dim glow inside, though the glow seemed to pulse and grow dimmer with each cycle.

"No, it doesn't," Jenna agreed, "I think we need an engineer down here,because I have no idea what that thing is." She frowned, looking at it like it was about to explode.

“I agree,” Rosa said. “Tape it off, and get someone from Security posted here until we get an engineer,” she told Jenna.

"On it," Jenna replied, working to tape off the discovery whilst tapping her combadge to contact the rest of their team.

Word count: 1061


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